Upload problem?

I put two flights on the same card. I found the test pictures on the card to determine which pictures to upload for what flight.

I used the shift key to select images 157 to 333 for flight RA 34 b. While it was uploading, it was saying “uploaded xxx out of 177 images”. When it got close to the end it was saying, “uploaded 181 out of 177 images”. I am fairly certain I selected the correct images off of the card. It ended up having 194 images uploaded.

When the stitching was complete, maybe 70% of the area was blank. I am now uploading the pictures again and again it says how many it is uploading out of 177 images. Maybe I did something wrong the first time, I don’t know. Just seemed strange. Is re-uploading the thing to do when you have most of the area missing?

Now that I have re-uploaded it does not say 194 out of 177 anymore. It now says 177 out of 177 but I don’t know how to make it re-process the images.

When you upload any new images, it will reprocess.

Can you send a link to support@dronedeploy.com with the map link and what happened?

I sent a link to support for one of the two flights I took on the same field yesterday. It did not stitch properly either, but it did way better than the second one.

The second one says it’s still processing and this is probably 15 hours or so after re-loading the images. It does not allow me to share a link until it’s done processing. I only have 3 maps right now and the one I’m interested in is RA 34 b. I will send an email directly to support stating this same thing.