Lost Photos

Did a flight yesterday, well 3 actually. Did the planned flights and had no issues, showed the flight route and showed that it was logging photos. Completed the 3 flights and then used DJI to take some general site photos, I looked in the DJI editor and saw the majority of my photos populate. When I got back to the office and went to download the images ±800 from the drone (DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2) there are a total of 26 images on the card, not even all the images that show in the DJI editor are shown. The available images are the first 26 images of the first flight. Not even the general site photos from DJI are visible on the card? The card was empty prior to these flights. I am baffled as to where the images disappeared to? I am going to have to go back out to fly this site again but I am afraid I may have missed my weather window for a week or two.

Sorry DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2, Ipad with most current software (Did the updates before I went out)
Drone Deploy 4.29.0, Ipad 14.2 (updating to 14.3 now I guess)

That is definitely no Bueno. If you haven’t already please email support@dronedeploy.com. I don’t think there is anything they can do, but it’s worth asking. Check the DJI photos, but allot of times those are thumbnails. There are also scanners like Disk Drill to recover files from formatted SD cards that is handy sometimes.

Yeah I’ve done the due diligence but there doesn’t seem to be anything that can be done. The DJI ones are in fact just thumbnails, or lower res versions of the actual image. I just can’t figure out what happened. Chalk it up to a bad experience and move on. I will definitely do some more checking in the field before returning to the office next time.


You might try using Live Map next time just in case. At least you’ll get a lower res map.

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As an update. I went back out and flew the same site again with the same equipment and everything worked flawlessly. I have flown several missions since then also with no issues. I am still baffled but at least I was able to complete the missions and move on to other projects. I did test different SD cards and they all worked fine. Only thing I can see that may have caused it was I had done several flights and there were multiple DCIM folders on the SD card, creates a new folder after every 1000 images. Only the folders were there they were not populated with images prior to the flights.

There have been updates recently as well…