Areas missing from map

Hi All,

I’m very new to this so I apologise in advance if I’m missing something really obvious. I also think I’m doing this a little bit backwards as I’ve started with a load of photos that needed stitching together and then found drone deploy but the photos are of a temporary event that’s moved on so I can’t go back.

I took 12 photos from around 100m elevation on a DJI Mini 2. I made sure that there was a good overlap on each photo. I’ve uploaded them to Drone Deploy as a new map and the software has done a brilliant job of stitching some of the images together but there are some rather large sections at the edge of the area that seem to be missing from the end image.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for how to correct this.

Hi Gareth, welcome to the forum. Most likely when this happens the software hasn’t found enough tie-points to create the textured mesh well. Can you attach a screen snip?

Hey Michael,

Thanks for the welcome! :grinning:

Image below with red marking areas I have images from but that are missing. It’s a local Food and Drink Festival. I was trying to help them out with licensing permission for next year but that might not work if bits of the site are missing!

If “fixing” this in Drone Deploy is going to be difficult I’m happy for alternative software suggestions.

It looks like a clean cut with no distortion and no holes like I assumed you were talking about. Are you sure the perimeter set when submitting the images for processing encompassed that entire area? If the perimeter less than the area of the image coverage it will not let you see what’s beyond and may not process enough beyond to re-crop and try to pull the boundary back out.

I’m fairly sure I selected a significantly larger area but am not 100% sure, is there a way to see this after the processing has happened or would it be best for me to re-submit it as a new map?

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You should be able to see what was actually flown as long as it was saved in the Fly section. I would just do a doublecheck and if it looks right then upload manually and make sure the perimeter is a little outside the set of images.

Unfortunately I didn’t discover drone deploy until after I had the photos so nothing in the Fly section.

I’ve tried creating again and this time when I selected the images I spotted the area it auto selected and have now dragged that out wider and started it processing.

Fingers crossed.