Missing big area of my map

I have an Issue with part of my map.

Firstly I upload the typica way, it said that 1 hour for beign processed, then recived the email but when looked the map big part was missing, so I upload manually but have no good result.

I checked all the images and the drone capture everything I wanted, the thing is that is not showed in the map.

Here is the link.

Can anyone help me? How can i fix it?

Thanks in advance.

It looks like your images were not shot with proper overlaps to allow for good stitching. You may have to refly it.
You might look at this.

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I couldn’t tell from the link what was missing. Can you copy the mission and post a picture of the flight plan? You might also try downloading Microsoft ICE and see how it stitches it. It won’t be measurable like in DroneDeploy, but you could bring it into a piece of software like BlueBeam to scale it and get close.

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Well I reflew it, made an ovelap of 80/80 at 75 m and was the same, a part was missing, don´t know why.

How could I fix this problem, also wanted to upload the images manually and the same appear.


Also made another at 150 m and 80/80 but it was cloudy so the map is dark ( no problem with this) but why this one appear complete and the other no.

The higher you fly the more type points yet. I’d be happy to help you with fixing the exposure on the images if you like just message me.

@GChazaro, I just sent you a Sharefile link to download the corrected images. After looking at the pattern, you don’t have near enough images and it looks like you flew it manually. You provided 64 images over the entire area where a 65/70 overlap would have produced 250 images using DroneDeploy as the flight app. It also looks like you had a water drop or smudge on your camera. I always have to remind myself to check this before takeoff. :slight_smile:


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Hi. I’d be interesting how to correct the images post flight if you could help me? I have access to Adobe Suite but no idea what to do with it. Ta, J.

Does that include Lightroom? That’s the closest comparison to what I do in ACDSee. PhotoShop may get close. You may try Googling batch exposure editing for whatever product you have. Make sure it has the capability to preserve the exif data and maintains the original image in case you need to roll back a change. If not then just keep a copy of them.

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Yes, Lightroom is included and I actually asked one of our marketing gurus in the office to help me work it out yesterday using Lightroom which she’ll look into next week. It could be if it’s too complicated to carry out the batch process I jump onboard with the software you use.

If in the meantime anyone here does use Lightroom to batch process their images before processing, please can you get in touch?

Thanks, James.

Great, should be a breeze for them and once it is scripted can be used on just about any dataset. Share what you find out. I may want to try Lightroom again. I used it a long time ago when it first came out, but when Adobe got expensive I had to find alternatives. The company I work for now afford it way easier than I can, LOL.

@MichaelL thank your for your help, I really appreciate it, actually no, I flew 80/80 and dronedeploy gave me 260 but when the flight finished it reported only 64. I fly with P3 but i do not think thats the problem.

Another situation, have you made topographic map for construction with the dronedeploy maps? how could you do that.

Thanks in advance, regards

The image set you sent me was not a standard pattern. It appeared to be a free-flight that was close to the normal pattern, but it was obviously erratic.

I do not know what happened, made the plan and actually it gave me the 250 images estimated but the only 64 appear, maybe the wind, now I download the ovelap app… now when I upload all the images a little part of the map do not appear and wanted to export to madde a tpographic map to the client, any idea?

If that is all that was on the card i’m afraid you are going to need to refly.


No, but look, I had that part of my map, the image is there and with your help the exposure is good, I uploaded manually but whent is proccesed, I do not appear in my map, I don´t know why, made it manually 3 times and is the same

Hi @GChazaro,

Thank you for reaching out to us - I’m sorry to see your map did not fully process. I checked your “Prueba platano” map and it seems the failure is due to the insufficient overlap in your images. There was not enough adjacent data for the stitching engine to work with and so your overlap settings were not sufficient to complete the map with our algorithm (see image below). For a map like this, I recommend planning a grid flight with the DroneDeploy app and setting your overlap to 65/75 or 75/75 for best results.


You will want to increase your overlap and check to make sure that all your images are overlapping with each other so that there are no gaps in the data. I hope this makes sense. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to fully process your map without more images. If possible, you can try to refly the area by using our flight app to plan your mission and then re-uploading the images to your existing map. I apologize for the inconvenience - please let me know if I can help with anything otherwise.


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