Upload Mixed Photos for Flights

I ran two flights over a similar area. The first flight was at 75m using standard settings. I completed the flight to just short of autoland, this used something like 70 frames. The second flight was at 60m and used the high density setting - I completed this flight to just short of Autoland and this used nearly 160 frames.

When I pointed the upload process at my pictures folder (containing the images from both flights) against the second high density run - it uploaded all 257 photos. It did the same thing when I pointed the upload process to the image folder for the first (low density) map.

Are we required to separate out the folders/photos for runs done near each other? Or is this a bug?

Regards Ken

If you just point it at the folder you will currently need to separate out into separate folders. Easy enough - just view details sorted by time stamp.

There are a few bugs with the auto upload sometimes still. if you see an issue just try manually uploading and choosing the files. This might be improved with some of the newest changes coming out in the release this week.

Thanks for the reply. Your forum participation is impressive - I’m 3 for 3 for queries/answers to date!