Number of Pics Taken VS Uploaded

Any concern that these two numbers don’t match?
Or why don’t they?

I used the directory option to upload the pics.

Ortho looks fine so far with fast stitch, no holes.

Do you mean the number of flights? If so, you can ignore it and it has been fixed and will be on our server soon.

Sorry I should have been more specific.
The number of flights is correct.
The number of images is not.

The DD website uploader only found 301 image files in the directory
Windows says there are actually 375 image files in the directory, which is correct.

Ah ok. The auto detection is being improved. If there are extra photos use the manual uploader and just upload the left over files. We don’t delete the previously uploaded files.

Auto resuming files uploaded already is also being worked on

Ok thanks.

I noticed for this flight I only scored a 96.9%.
I suppose those missing images explains that?

I used auto detection upload on another flight and it found all but 1.
I think the 1 was just the test photo of the ground.