Additional images

Hi, I’m trying to merge different flight images onto one map but I keep getting a series of maps with separate dates and have to scroll through each one. Any clues would be helpful.

Hi @NickDoyle, are you uploading all the pictures at the same time? Or as separate uploads?

Hi Micheal
I’m uploading two sets of photos approx 200 each but on separate occasions.


I do this pretty regularly when I am running different flight plans on the same day, but I wouldn’t recommend uploading missions from different days because of possible differences in GPS tracking and stats, but it’s at least worth a try as long as you are not using GCP’s or PPK.

I agree with MichaelL, I would not upload images from different flight days. Right or wrong, I create a new map and model template with a different name for each flight. I tend to name the template based on why I’m flying or the stage of the project. I’m on an enterprise license so I’m not sure if the compare feature on the website is available on your account. I open up flight one on the left half and the latest flight on the right and use the slider to evaluate the image change.

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