Uploading Images mixing of images from separate flights

We had a great day of flying yesterday in hilly terrain in Sonoma county. We’re flying a site survey for a new vineyard. We fly many missions because of the varied elevations. After completing 5 flights, I organized the images into different folders, and then started the process of uploading the images for stitching.

  1. I started the smallest flight (65 images) and it uploaded approx 25 images before the process stalled for some reason.
  2. At this point I cancelled the process n selected 'resume later’
  3. Went to the next flight (82 images) and started the process anew, no problem
  4. After a few minutes I got this message;
  5. At this point I cancelled the upload n selected 'start processing(or whatever)'
  6. This morning when looking at the processed map, here’s what we saw;
  7. And the stitched map was no good

So, apparently 2 separate image batches were somehow combined. I’m not sure if this was the cause of the bad map, but it an issue nonetheless. I’m reloading the images for a new map, and will let you know how it looks.

Hope this helps.