Uploading multiple Maps

Afternoon All,

I would like to upload the imagery for 10 diff areas I have mapped. If I drag the images for each map into the upload images window I then have to wait until to upload the next images for the next map.

Is there a way I can upload all the images for each map at the same time rather than individually without having to wait in-between each one?

Any help appreciated.


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You could move all the images to one folder and then drag them all at once.


Came here to say the same thing. The uploads don’t tie to your file system in any way so just create a temporary folder and dump them all in and delete it when you’re done. It beats not only loading each folder individually but not having to jump through several project folders.

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Thanks for your answers. So to clarify can I upload all the images for several maps at once (i.e. in the one folder), or will I still need to separate the images into a separate folder for each map, and then upload each folder separately.


I’ll outline what I have done.

  • I copied the three folders from the SD card, i.e. 100Media, 101Media and 102Media, into a folder on my iMac’s HD.

  • I then highlighted all the files in each folder separately and right clicked, chose ‘rename’, then was given an option to find and replace. I replaced DJI with DJI1 in folder 1, DJI2 in folder 2 etc.

  • Now there are no clashing file names I combined all the files into 1 folder (approx 2500)

  • I highlighted all files and uploaded in DD. DD only selected the most recent map for uploading. I had to move the boundary to cover all my maps spread over a 100km.

  • These images are currently uploading (Est time 2 hours).

Will wait and see how these maps output, ideally I will get one email that encompasses all maps and can then download all the maps with one click.

This is correct. As you experienced you will need to manually edit the area of interest. We have to do this every time with our Yuneec data. Seems like it would be fairly easy for them to engineer a shrink-wrapping tool but obviously not.

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Hopefully that worked out for you. 100km is a huge area! At the end of a typical day of flying, I will be uploading images for about 8 different flights. All put together, they could cover a similar area as what you’re describing. I asked once about having a better folder structure and segregating or naming images by flight. The answer I received was it’s a DJI protocol and DD has no control over that.

My method for uploading multiple flights has been to navigate a DD webpage to the upload dialog, duplicate that tab as many times as needed, and then drag and drop the images from a file explorer window, using the timestamp to tell me where the breaks are (for this to work, I had to customize the “details” layout in my file explorer to show that data). Doing it this way, I have no need to manually adjust the AOI. When a flight spans multiple folders, I drag and drop what I’ve got in the current folder and then use the “Add” feature (that appears after it runs the metadata check) to add in the rest of the images from the next folder. I know what order they were flown, so this works for me. I also do not click the upload button until I’ve prepared the uploads in all the open tabs, then I let them all go and leave the office for the day. On my machine and network, I can have up to 10 uploads going simultaneously. It gets sketchy after that.

Are you talking about folder structure on the card? That is definitely a functionality where DJI has everybody by the balls.

It seems like you have a pretty good workflow down so what reasoning is there for drone deploy to spend a lot of time trying to engineer something that even mimics what you are talking about? It obviously takes time to move data and quite honestly in my opinion it’s not very hard to separate flights as we do four to five a day as well. Where it does get sticky is when you’re trying to PPK those flights, LOL.

Hi Nate,

The method I tried in fact did not work. I realised I still had the test photos in the batch of image files so went back and removed them and tried again. Still no luck.

I did however try to do all my maps at once. So that meant some maps were separated by 200kms.

I will give your method a go. Although I would still like to find a way of not having to separate them and just process all the maps together.

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