Merging 3 maps or same large site

Hi all, I have 3/4 flights of a large orchard - whats the best way of stitching these into one map please. do I need to upload all 4 tif files ( will be 6-8GB of data). Can you just use the DD flight logs/dates to merge at your end rather than having to upload? Thx

hi @quinnoconnell - You can upload the jpeg imagery from all three flights to Map Engine as described here :

If that’s not possible, please send us a message at with links to the maps and we’ll look into it further.

Thank you!

awesome thanks alot Neema… uploading now.

Hi Neema,

I know this process works fine, but it requires time and bandwidth to upload imagery we have already uploaded. Ideally, at some point in the future this wouldn’t be necessary and we could clone and merge the already uploaded source?

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