Upload error

Hello all,
I am a new subscriber to DD and am having a problem creating a 2D map. I am desperately trying to resolve the problem as it is a time sensitive issue with a client.

After creating a project and flight plan I execute the flight and collect the data (photos). When I choose the files to upload a small warning sign pops up next to the name of the map plan. When I hover the cursor over the sign it states “this capture is far away from the project center”. I have watched several tutorials and do not believe this is the case. When I created the project I placed the “create project” box around the site. The data gathered from the automated flight is clearly from that site. When I start the upload the “current uploads” box pops up and shows the upload as “queued” but no progress is ever made.

I’ve been talking to support for several days without resolution. I’ve scrapped the project and restarted it several times, reshooting the site each time. The results or lack of are the same each time. My chat with support was cut short yesterday as their work hours ended. I’m desperate to get this done as proof of concept for a client with a fast approaching deadline. The upcoming holiday making things worse as I imagine support will be closed on the 4th and maybe even the 3rd.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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