Simply Can't Upload

Greetings all

In short I cannot upload. yesterday I successfully uploaded two projects. no problems.
Today i spent 12 hours dragging my ISP and everyone else through the mud to find out the problem isnt on my end. I’ve tried different computers, internet connections, providers etc. I even went out and flew a test flight in my backyard of 24 photos just so i could see if i can load a small project. all for nothing.

Is this a problem being experienced by anyone else? hard to sell me on a program at $5k per year when i cant upload 24 photos.

Sorry to hear this, @nexus. We have escalated this issue for our engineering team. Next time you see this, please send a screenshot of your screen to from the email associated with your account so we can check into it. Thank you for your help.

I am having the same issue right now. I have 2 projects to upload and both are hanging at 0 pictures uploaded on Map Engine Processing page.

Sorry about this @dkuehner - can you try it now and let us know how it works? We made some changes to our system this morning.

Working now. Thanks for the quick response.

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thank you for the follow up!