How to Upload Images (Free Plan) after flight was aborted

I was flying a construction site and at the end of the flight I aborted the “Plan” due to a potential conflict (Unexpected Crane on site). I have the DATA needed but since I did not COMPLETE the Plan within the App I don’t have the option of Uploading within the App. The caveat is I am on the FREE (aka Pay as You Go) plan and if I try to simply ULOAD from the DD website it doesn’t recognize FREE.

It’s important that I have the finished map overlaid on the DD app so I can tweak it for future flights etc. I need it processed with DD and attached to the project so that I can see it on the map.

How do I manually upload my images for processing outside of the App and using the FREE (Pay as you go) option?

@Stephanie can you look into this problem and give some suggestions?


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