How do I start the upload from scratch?

Hi all. I wanted to time the upload for using the ‘Speed’ and ‘Turbo’ options versus pre-compressed images.
I flew the mission today to collect the data and started uploading, however I messed up and forgot to select an option so I aborted the upload. I then copied the flight plan to two versions so I could start all over again and I deleted the original.

However now the two copies are expecting me to fly the mission - how do I tell DD that I’ve actually flown these and I just want to upload the data?


You don’t need the 2 new missions that you made. You need to hit the Upload Add Images button on the Dashboard to upload the files. You will the see the options that you are looking for. This is the way to upload images that were flown outside of the DD flight program or do what you are needing to do now that the original mission has been “used”.

Thanks - managed to get it done.