Images Failed to upload

I have a mission that I have completed and then I went to upload it showed that it was queued. My internet went down in the process and all 300 images failed to upload. Is there any way to reset the mission so that I can upload the images without redoing the whole thing?

Hi Ben,

Sorry to hear this. Can I ask which browser you’re using? Chrome or Firefox is typically recommended. Please let me know.

I am currently using Chrome on a WIndows 10 machine.

Hi Ben,

Assuming you only need the map, just upload using the upload images button on the dashboard. That will create a separate map from your original flight, but will process in the same way and you don’t need to fly again.


One thing to note…and this is for people like me that fly missions using various software, DD is amazing in the fact that it does allow you to simply upload pictures without having to map out the route. From the pictures you upload it takes the data and determines the location and the mapping of your flight. Simply put, you could be out and about and manually fly a great mission and then log into DD and upload. I prefer this method…it makes it easier for when you have a flight that you did not have time to plan ahead for!