Trouble downloading Flightt Logs

I have uploaded many flights to Drone Deploy. I have always been able to download the Flight Log for mission, although sometimes they don’t seem available for download until a day or two later. I flew two missions almost a week and a half ago and uploaded the photos to Drone Deploy. However, when I go into my Dashboard and look at those two flights, it still says the Flight Logs are unavailable for download. How do I get them because both flights were successful?

Sometimes if it disconnects briefly during flight it does not complete the flight logs, so they are not available.

How do you know if it disconnected briefly during a flight? Nothing happened to indicate a problem, plus the flights were out in the wide open too. That sucks because we always download and save each flight log for our record keeping. You would think it would still provide a flight log showing a recognized disconnection during a portion of the flight.

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I use Airdata UAV… I know its not ideal as it is third party, but it provides all the flight information you’ll likely need, short of stick inputs. Also keeps all my flights from other apps in same place.

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