Flight logs unavailable

Drone deploy can’t seem to find my flgiht logs. Once a mission is complete I try to download the logs and they are never there. THis has been for days now and with multiple logouts and logins… THis also means that I can’t get them into AirData UAV to catalog them.

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You can always view your dronedeploy log files through itunes if for some reason there is a problem syncing them to the cloud.

Thanks, can you give some clues on how? and will the online download and airdata sync issue be addressed?

Sometimes logs from the phone have issues when uploading to our servers from a user’s phone. We try to make sure this works consistently but sometimes it might fail.

Downloading logs is the same as it works for DJI Go.


Okay, thanks. But that’s the issue. The logs simply won’t download from either the iphone or online account. It’s no so much a metter of reading them. I can’t get them.

Okay that looks like it did save them to the mac from the phone.

@chasemgray I’m missing flight logs from my Galaxy S8 regularly. They are just not recorded, as I can’t see them in the DroneDeployLogs folder in my phone’s internal storage. Could it be it has something to do with whether or not you let DD fly the entire mission, including auto landing and engine shut down? I usually prefer to take over the landing part manually. Would this mean the flight record is not stored? I’m just spitballin’ here… but it’s unacceptable that flight records aren’t being recorded properly.

Ok. We’ll investigate with our Galaxy S7 to see if we can reproduce this.

Any fix for this yet?

Same issue here. x2 perfect flights, 1 going in one direction and the other diagonally to it, however landing was off, so I had to take over on both. Both flights recorded fine, uploaded to DD both into one map as I needed the crossover and the flight log is missing which I need for the client… Map looks great, just need the flight log info.

Using Android on Samsung A5 2017 version 2.55.0 - 2.55.3

Did you check if they were downloadable from your android device using a file explorer? They get saved there as well.

Some feedback on Android ver 2.55.0-2.55.3

Flight logs are not being uploaded to airdata and a manual sync says there are no flight logs to upload.

This issue is not experienced on iOS.

I also had connection issues on two flights, where I had to power everything off and restart but apart from that and the logs the flights were an absolute pleasure to do.

Well done DD team - I’m thrilled with this version so far.


Thanks yes found them there. They’ve also appeared in my map, but i’ve not uploaded them?