Flight log not available

I used DroneDeploy to do 3 test flights with Phanyom 4 Pro. I could only download the flight log in one flight. What procedures should I take to always be able to download the flight log in DroneDeploy?

Hi @Vitor_Fessel,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy Forum. Can you let me know if you saw any error messages while trying to download the other 2 flight logs? If so, what did they say?

Also, have you tried a different mobile device or tablet? I suggest taking a look at our Supported Devices (Mobile and Tablet) page too.

Keep me posted,

I did not receive an error message, only the message “No flight logs avaiable”.

Hi, Christina. DroneDeploy still does not display the flight logs in my account “vitor@droneviewandmaps.com.br”. Yesterday I made several flights and none of the flight logs are available. The only error message to be displayed is “No flight logs avaiable”. How to fix this DroneDeploy error differently. What is preventing DroneDeploy from making flight logs available to my account?