Timelapse: beyond side by side

It would be useful to me if the explore mode included a timelapse feature similar to what you can use in Google Earth. The side by side compare is great for before/after, but not so useful for progression study. Current workaround is to export each image and compile a video or slideshow, but the zoom and perspective are fixed. If we could have a slider to control the time, and if we were able to switch between 2D and 3D and zoom in without leaving that mode to watch specific areas change over time, that would be a great enhancement.

See these similar suggestions including controlled opacity:

and 3D timelapse:

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Outside the box…load every model, play scenes where the view changes to the center point of the progessed model, or replaces the model every x seconds.
Once you have those scenes setup and playing, you could add view points for between scenes. Or record the video walkthru based on coordinates but the model replaces every x seconds.
Just thinking outloud.