File Storage Length/3D Model viewer

How long does DroneDeploy keep the maps on their server? I would like to store them long term, but I also need to find a good way to export and store them so they can be reviewed when needed months or years down the line. I see how to export as an .obj file but I need a program to view them and maintain ability to measure distances and volumes? Preferably a free program but not opposed to buying something worthwhile. If anyone can suggest a good 3D map viewer.

Yes, we have that question also. Our dashboard has over 120 missions on it. We would like to be able to archive the older ones and get them off your server.

It would be nice to be able to archive a mission, locally on my own storage. We don’t want to lose this valuable data and have to depend upon DD’s ‘eternal storage’.

Is there a pathway to do that?


BTW: Our favorite viewer for a 3D view of terrain is Google Earth viewing TIFF files. For 3D models Sketchup is da kine, as best I can tell.

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Thanks, I’ll give Sketchup a try. We have a 100GB google drive which we use. I’m not sure if it’s possible but a Google Drive (or Dropbox) integration feature would be perfect where we can archive our projects to because I know DD servers must get pretty full with all these HD images.

Hi All,

Your maps will be stored forever. You can export all of your data, not your missions, however, if you’re looking for another form of back up. Hope this helps.

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