Layered Display or time lapse of multiple maps from the same flight area

I think it would be helpful for the construction and monitoring service side of things to be able to readily see multiple maps generated from the same flight area in a controllable opacity overlay. this would make it very easy to highlight progress, changes to the environment, and possible areas of concern.

Since the orthos and elevations are aligned it would help to see exactly what was changing at the jobsite, and be able to communicate this with clients

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Hi RemotelyPossible,

Have you checked out the recently released Side by Side app?

Any features we could add to that app to make it more useful?


Hey @danielrasmuson,

I have not but i shall download and check this out, it may be along the lines of what i am interested in but may also benefit from some additional functionality. I will reply with my thoughts on the app. Thanks.


hey Daniel, @danielrasmuson

So i am trying to utilize the side by side, but after 4 hours it just says that it is “Loading” in the app window. Is there some set up i need to do on my end to make it work or is this an issue? (firefox)


Hi @RemotelyPossible,

I tested it in firefox and I can confirm there is an issue. I’ll get that fixed and push out an update soon.

I can confirm it’s working in Chrome. Thanks for letting me know.


no problem let me know when its patched and ill check again.


@RemotelyPossible wanted to let you know I just fixed this bug on Firefox. Let me know if everything is working or if any other problems popup. Also open to feature requests!

Hey @danielrasmuson

Thanks for the heads up, very cool worked fine in firefox. I have some thoughts and suggestions for features but ill send those over to you in pm.