3D Model - Structure Scan Measurements

Hi guys,

I’ve been using DD for a while now with my DIY drones both fixed wing and multicopter but took a bit of a break. I’ve returned this time with a P3 4K and am loving it, seamlessly works with DD which I love.

This week I set off to compare both Pix4D and DD as I knew Pix4D had an excellent 3D model/structure scan UI where I can take measurements and add annotations to the 3D model.
To be honest I was surprised when the models came through (I tested both systems with two different projects) as the DD results where much better, they blew the Pix4D models out of the water!

Now Pix4D cloud processing by default is set to map optimisation, however I changed that and still the DD models had clearer details on the faces, waaaaaay crisper edges and where generally better looking and more professional.

This now leads me to my request, can DD add 3D model annotation features (just like the map features) so that I can interrogate and analyse structures please? This would be of great benefit to myself and the Engineering firm I work for. Thanks in advance,. :slight_smile:


Hi @TheAeroScout,

Thanks for sharing your feedback. Love hearing that your experience with DroneDeploy has been positive!

I’ve taken note of your feature request and shared it with our team. We’re always trying to improve our product to make it more useful for our users. :slight_smile:


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Thanks Cristina I hope that DD does add an ‘inspection’ feature that allows 3D model annotation and measurement soon.

I’ve noticed that Trik (http://gettrik.com/) are releasing an excellent ‘looking’ product very soon that should provide some great tools for asset inspectors. It would be great if Drone Deploy can beat them to the punch and release something very similar. :slight_smile:

I remember there being talks about this and being able to do volumetric takeoffs in 3D. You have my vote!

I thought I’d check in to see if this feature had progressed in the DD roadmap? Is it available yet? Cheers, Jas

Not quite yet. Right now there is a major effort and flight and reporting. I am sure they will give us an update once it has gotten through beta. Thanks for reviving the topic!