Terrain Perpendicular Route

I’ve read (https://blog.dronedeploy.com/a-perfect-match-winning-a-mining-client-with-an-accurate-contour-map-c4e0aa9dcd8d#.m0rme9968) that good practice for terrain mapping is to do two flights with perpendicular plots.

However when I’m drawing the plot around my area I can only get the drone going in a horizontal path and not a vertical one. Can anyone help with this?

You should be able to rotate the plan so it flies the other direction.

Thanks, yep, just a simple toggle of the flight direction tool

Hi - I am going to map a 15km length of road. My interest is in the road only which is 15km length x 8m width. My purpose is to measure lineal lengths, widths & areas of interest throughout this section (not interested in 3D for this).
My question is: if I fly @ 50-60m high (which I will be able to capture the road width & more at this height), create a flight path in litchi that follows the road & have the camera take photos at intervals to overlap - say 50% front overlap & no side overlap (because it will be continually going forward & not crossing). Will DD be able to stich the pictures with just front overlap?
If this is viable - will DD look at employing a lineal path option for mapping?

I am currently working a project that involves mapping storm water drainage ditches for a large city. I use Litchi to plan my flights since DD does not have a linear planning phase. Since the ditches change directions during a one or two mile run, Litchi is the best way to go for these types of projects as far as planning. I would advise that you increase the front lap on your images to 70%. The reason this is advised is that if the road turns even a little, the photos making up the outside of the turn cause the overlap on the outside to decrease rapidly. Additionally, one issue I have run onto when using Litchi is setting up the camera trigger. Each and every time I set it up, within the first minute of the flight, I get a warning that a photo was not taken. Add those up over a long flight and you could run into trouble having enough photos to stitch properly. I set the speed to 20mph, turn on the grid overlay on the screen and manually take the photos myself. I then upload to DD and . . .Bingo . . . . . great results! By the end of February, I will have mapped all 250 miles of storm water drainage.