Flight planning

I hope someone with a few more brain cells than me can offer some advice here…

I’ve previously used Yuneec drones (H520 and Typhoon H Plus) which have their own flight planning software for both area mapping and also cablecam flights, but now I’ve bought a Mavic 2 Pro to add to my stable. I’ve signed up to DD and have been able to plan area mapping flights but can’t seem to plan a cablecam flight so I can re-fly an exact route and take comparative imagery. DD allows me to plan a basic route but at the various route points I want to be able to specify the height of the drone and also focal point of the camera. Is there any way that DD can do this?

Hi @MrGrumpy, welcome. I fly H520’s as well and you are correct in what you found. Some would call it a standard waypoint mission. While this has been requested many times over the years it has never become a reality. There are separate video and progress photo options, but neither offer multiple POI’s or the ability for multiple altitudes.

I still use Litchi. If you now have a DJI you will want to look at Litchi as well. DroneDeploy has slowly gained some of the features that it has, but I have a feeling they are a little timid on giving the users that much control considering how overall complex the software would become including its intended mapping use. There would undoubtedly be a few more “DroneDeploy crashed my drone” calls.