Shortest route from set of GPS coords

Is there a way to reorder a set of GPS points for the drone to take a route that will be orderly . These are environmental points I would like to take photos of to monitor the rehabilitation on a monthly base. the area is about 7X3km with 400 gps points in no specific order

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Are you trying to make a map encompassing the points or just trying to take progression photos of them individually?

This is a before- The flight path is not optimized and after how the preferred flight path should be. These points could be up 400, although Litchi can only take 99.
Hope this makes sense?

I see what you mean now. Are you are wanting to capture the images manually the first time and then repeat them in the future using an “optimized” path? The only thing I have done similar is to bring the coordinates from the images into Excel, sort by latitude or longitude and then import to Litchi. This would still cause some zig-zag.

I also tried that … I have now written a program that will be more efficient … If you find the need , I can give it to you. At the moment it is limited to 1000 coords

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It is based on a starting point being the 1st, then finds the nearest, moves to nearest and then finds the nearest … so it continues. Works just great. Tested it on 400 points. Litchi is limited to 99

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That is what my thought was, but out of my league! I’d love to try it. At least you could then break it up into different Litchi Missions. I am now thinking of a use for survey stakeout…

i can send it to you.

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I am sending you a PM.

received your mail, sent an attachment with .exe … hope it gets to you