How to fly a horizontal flight path

I’m working on creating a 3D model of a railroad bridge. I can use DroneDeploy to shoot the nadir photos. I need the model to include the sides and underside of the bridge. I need to fly along each side in a pattern that will capture the whole structure. I know I can use DJIGO4 or Litchi to manually do this, but I’d like to automate it.

I’ve included a picture of the bridge. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.


You can upload photos taken through the DJI GO4 app. I have done that with roofs in the past. Cant guarantee they’ll process correctly. They will GEO tag, so if you drop a pin in the location where the drone was it will pop up the photo up in DD to view.

The problem I foresee is… I’m sure the DD algorithm takes into account the altitude of the drone and uses that to stitch the photos together. If you’re flying lower to get the underside of the bridge but in the same general vicinity it may interfere with the stitched orthomosaic generated from your automated flight. Just my two sense… Good Luck!

I believe you may also find the open structure to present a challenge. In my experience, DD seems to struggle or delete the thin structure of the arch

Fly Structure Mode twice at different altitudes and process it with Structure Mode. I would also try processing enter a mode as it tends to not cut out the in-between spaces and you might get an interesting effect on the girders. Overlaps as high as they will go and keep your fingers crossed. :grin: