Achieving more accurate structure models

After the autonomous flight/photos is completed within a mission, would it be possible to capture additional perimeter photos in manual mode, at a lower altitude?

I only ask because in every 3D model I’ve processed so far, the features on the lower parts of the target building/structure are coming out warped - so I figured getting some lower altitude shots all around the perimeter would maybe help?

I mean, the roof and HVAC units look great, but ground level structure renderings are sub-par.

This last mission, determined to get better results in the model, I flew/captured my pics at just 90ft, with high overlap, and good lighting… but got the same warping of the ground level structures. So, if y’all know of any other tips or tricks, I’d love to hear them! :slight_smile:


Adding key manual shots and sometimes even images from the ground is part of our workflow when wanting crisp 3D structures. I even made a custom rig with nylon rope and a foam grip so I can carry the drone and controller more easily.


Thank you so much!

Do you just make sure that each of your manual pics are taken close enough together that the software can stitch them together, or is there a more efficient “sweet spot” distance between each pic you’ve noticed?

Thanks again for your answer!


First I need to think about the important details and the perspectives that the automated flight can’t catch then I use the 1/3rds grid or visualize it. I usually manually fly with Litchi so I don’t recall right now if DD manual has a grid. If not just visual the objects and capture everything 3 times. So if you see a window shoot it a 1/3rd into the frame, again at the halfway point and another at the last 1/3rd. If you get your speed dialed in around 5-6mph you can set a two second interval in Litchi and get the right amount of shots. I think you can probably do the same thing in DJI Go4. It takes a little practice but it will make you a better pilot. Lastly if there are fine details you want to capture just carry the drone and set your gimbal pitch looking slight down so you can’t see the horizon.

It would be a good idea to be diligent about checking your photos before you upload when you fly manually like this to remove any odd or blurry photos.