I'm having big issues with my 3D model

I’m teaching myself how to make a solid 3D model with my phantom 4 RTK. I’ve made a handful of models and they always have significant issues, especially with windows. I’ve tried it with auto flying and of my own pictures.

I usually take photos from high up with the gimble pointing completely down, and then lower shots of the house.

Any tips would be great. Thanks

Hi @Reece2011, welcome! Please start here and then we’ll get into it.

I just helped a drone pilot in Canada prepare a curved flight line mission plan for a mine in northern Quebec - approximately 1.5 square mile. Perhaps you might want to explore using curved flight lines to a) acquire a more diverse view perspective and b) mitigate the Structure-from-Motion systematic doming/dishing (elevation) error. Refer to attached imagePurtuniq%20-%20Quebec%20-%20Canada%20Image

I would suggest running structure mode at about a 55 degree angle. Depending of how detailed do you want your model I would then do a structure mode flight over each building or subject that you are trying to capture. running oblique photos greatly reduces any doming effect, but if you are just trying to model structures and not to rain it is not something to worry about.