Stops in route to Start Waypoint

Standard Mapping mission. I was using drone deploy and upon takeoff the drone (P4Pv2) would go up to altitude and fly about 200 ft towards the starting point and just stop. Controlled airspace 100 ft required LAANC auth, which I had.

It was almost like there was a wall there or a fly zone. I tried multiple attempts, changed heights to 90 feet with no success, even used the second drone (Mav2 Pro) I had with me and same results. Also tried two different DD projects and got same results.

I was able to fly manual roof perimeter flight of the building using DJI4.0 app without issue after receiving DJI geo auth code.

I thought maybe the DJI auth code may have been issue so tried mapping with DD one more time with P4Pv2 and same result.

I’m not sure what else to attempt assuming there’s something to do with airspace and maybe traffic in the area as there is an airport nearby, but the whole area of the mission was authorized at 100 feet and I flew attempts at 75, 90 and 100 and same results.

One other interesting issue that I’ve never seen you can tell by the images attached was supposed to be for th portion.

Attaching screenshots to show where the drone would start as it headed towards entire parking lot and building area. The grid lines were there but when I connected to project a quarter to half the flight plan grid lines were gone. So again I’m assuming there’s something to do with air space or some sort of Geo fencing going on.

DD and DJI apps are latest version I had check and update apps same day. Drones are up to date latest firmare.

Location - 601 No Farm to Market Rd 1821, Mineral Wells, TX 76067

After getting home and doing some additional research on the area of this location I think the issue was a Geo-Zone issue. Although I received the Auth zone warning and validated via sms the code, etc needed to fly I must be close enough to an Altitude and Authorization Zones which need additional unlock auth request access. So not likely anything to do with DD app it is the DJI software recognizing the area and overriding ability to fly.