Waypoints don't load in the air

I usually try to start/load a mission in the air, after I have elevated high enough to manually set exposure with DJI Go 4, but I often find that the mission won’t load and start. I end up having to land, and start the mission from the ground.

Often, the “checklist” items that get scanned on mission-start hang on Waypoints, but sometimes I just get a funky error number. Next time, I’ll have to pay attention to the number and report it here.

The drone needs to be fairly near to the controller to upload to it.

@markaguille Thanks for the confirmation. Yeah, it’s not clear to me why though. If you can get video, you’re utilizing much greater bandwidth than anything waypoints would require. I consider it a bug, and an annoying one at that.

The waypoints should be able to be loaded within the air. We have a lot of users that takeoff first and then start their missions. It’s weird that they are hanging. It is less reliable within the air as @markaguille mentioned but it should eventually succeed.

I get that it could be less reliable “in the air” because of proximity, not necessarily “in the air”. But that can’t be the reason when both the video link and the control link are “perfect”.

Next time this happens to me, I’ll be sure to record the error number.

I haven’t tried DD yet, but I’m thinking it might have something to do with the program that has control over the USB port. You know how, when you first start your R/C and then plug in your tablet, then you have to choose the program you want to use (for access to the USB port) and then tap “just once”? It could be that DJI GO won’t release the USB port, that creates a conflict (“exception”) in the software, and that’s why you have to land & start over. Possibility? I just know that both “DJI GO” and especially “GO 4” are hogs and don’t play well with others/