Skydio path to first waypoint

I have a Skydio 2 drone and tried some mapping flights on DroneDeploy

The maps came out great, but I have questions about how DD decides what is the first waypoint and what path/direction the drone flies there from take off

Each time I tweaked the mapping grid, the “start” waypoint seemed to move to another part of the grid

One time taking off, the drone shot right towards the far end of the grid (“start”) almost crashing into the house—Skydio’s obstacle avoidance prevented it


Are there any ways to set intermediate waypoints to approach “start”?

Is there a way to set a launch height to achieve before heading to “start”?

Can you change the “start” waypoint location?


same thing happened to me… straight into a grove of trees… twice! but skydio2 had no problem with the trees to my surprise.

i did the DD ‘academy’ training and noted that you can pause automated tasks, so i figured that i could pause take off and fly manually up to a suitable height… NO, it wouldn’t let me gain control of the sticks until it reached it’s first waypoint!
surely i must be doing something wrong?! because i can’t imagine not being able to take stick contorl whenever i deem necessary.

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Anyone using Skydio2 with DroneDeploy?

Back in July when I used it, I had the issues above (path to first waypoint, etc)


Hi again, checking up on this topic, anyone using Skydio 2 want to comment?

FYI for anyone that gets here with Google. I’ve found the latest DD to work well, with automated travel to and from the mission using obstacle avoidance natively without issue.