Landing after mapping

Using a Skydio 2 for mapping mission

At the start of the mission, the drone basically takes off vertically to the mapping height, then moves to the Start waypoint

At the end, what is supposed to happen?

Is it supposed to return above home and then land?

This behavior is not explained anywhere

Yes it should return to above the home location and then land verically. At least when controlled by DroneDeploy.

My survey flight level was 20m

After the last waypoint, the drone returned above the launch location, then descended to about 12m, then hovered

I waited say 30s or so to see if it would automatically land; it didn’t

So I initiated a landing on the controller

There is no DD documentation to say what is supposed happen after the last waypoint

Not typical behavior. Could collision avoidance be causing this? If you turn off collision avoidance in the DJI apt before the mission, does the same thing happen? Mind you I am not recommending to turn off collision avoidance for every mission but just for a one time test.


ok, flew some DroneDeploy missions with the Skydio2 today

At the end of the mission, the drone ascends a bit, heads back over the home point, then comes down rapidly.

It slows down once it gets close to the ground (10m?).

At that point, I press the up/down button on the (Parrot) controller to STOP the landing. It hovers in place.

Then you can reposition the drone using the sticks on the controller, and then use the up/down to initiate the landing again once better positioned.

I’ve found the HOME point to not be very accurate–it doesn’t land exactly where it took off. I think this is due to poor GPS fix when it launched. If using the Skydio app, often after taking off to do a Waypoint mission, it will say “fly around to get a better fix” before it will let you do waypoints.

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