Issues with Skydio2 and DroneDeploy - comms and connection

I have been exploring the pairing for 2D mapping missions using the free trial period. First, for the most part (despite the high cost) it does seem like it could work for me. Clearly, it’s very easy to set up; to some extent too easy. I have a lot of experience with MissionPlanner and I am by no means suggesting it has to be that complicated, but I am surprised you cannot set any mid-mission emergency procedures - i guess it depends on built in Skydio triggers. It would be nice to have control or understanding what the drone will do under different situations and its also no clear if home set in Skydio translates to DD.

Here are my questions: 1) I flew a test mapping mission (6 minute fly, 60m altitude) for a small area. During the mission I lost connection with the drone in DD and the SkyDio app, but it continued and returned to home. Then hovered for several minutes while I tried to reconnect! I was able to finally get control at battery level 26%!! and was able to safely land. Question - why did it finish the mission or can I set it up to return home after XX seconds instead? What if I expect a multi battery mission? Better safe than sorry; 2) why could I not regain control? I had to quick the apps and restart them. several times the skydio app connected then lost connection and said weak connection. I was maybe 50 meters from it, underneath. I havent had these connection problems except when trying with DD. How can I enable it to return…I did see that I can set return height lower, which may help. I will state I was directly connected from an iPad 5th gen to the Skydio during the DD mission. 3) and this may help with 2, how do I use the Skydio controller wifi with DD? I tried to disable the phone wifi and cell, as suggested by Skydio, and use the controller - which works with the drone. But when doing that DD would not connect to the drone until I enabled my phones wifi. You must be able to use the controller wifi which I would imagine will have greater range…

Help appreciated. Also, better documentation would be great. I would err on the side of more not less info otherwise you cant claim RTFM and have to field these exact questions over and over again.

I am considering purchasing DD for basic 2D mapping but am not super jazzed over the expense if I its going to be hard to fly effectively.


I’d also like a follow up on this since I just had a very similar flight … losing connection during Skydio 2 DD flight via current ipad pro with same results of completing the mission, but it returned home without issue.