St. Peters School and Farm - 4 Layers of Crisp Beauty in New Zealand


Thought I’d kick off this new category with one of my favorite maps I’ve recently seen. This was taken in New Zealand a couple of years ago and has been recently reprocessed. All 4 layers are worth looking at!

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Play around with the 3D model! This one wasn’t even flown in Structures mode.


Hi, Very nice. Which drone flown/altitude ? Area ? how many flights ? with which Mission plan ?


This map was actually flown at an incredible ~850 foot AGL! This about twice as high as is now legally allowed in the US. It was flown in 2014.

500 feet appears to be the limit in New Zealand. I went ahead and made a quick test flight plan and here’s what I came up with for 75/75 overlap:

11 batteries, 3600 images, a little under 3 hours flight time. Totally reasonable.