Altitude for Quality Maps

Mapped my house today, first time. Flew the mission manually, took 81 images. The map was not very good. The altitude was 75 feet, my orthomosaic was 0.4 in/px. My question is do I have to fly higher and does flying higher produce a better map. Thanks for looking at my question and welcome any feedback.


More critical parameters are front and side overlap. Fly the mission with DroneDeploy in control with 90% front overlap 85% side overlaps at 250’ above your takeoff point at max speed of 9 mph on an overcast day with low wind (<5 mph) and compare this result to your previous. Then you can backoff on some of the settings (like overlap) if you get great results. You want to bookend the missions so you can find the settings which give you the best bang for the buck (greatest area coverage while still producing good results). My suggested settings are the good end of the bookend while your previous mission was apparently on the bad end.


Thanks, one question. I set up a mission to map my house, it will only take 8 photos. Should I fly it manually and take more photos and get more over lap. Thanks for advise.

I shot this with 85 images shot manually looking down about 45-60 degrees at two altitudes. No grid. It will take some practice and experience to sculpt 3D with a drone to get the best results.

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Love it Gary! What county is that in?

Good looking model Gary. What altitude were your 2 flights? Any manual corrections done? Building corners and eaves look great!