Fly Ranch aerial mapping of 400 acers – Part 1

This is part one of mapping 400 acres and the things I learned using drone deploy. Part 2 will got a bit more into technical stuff along with other software examples.

Check out the article and feedback is welcome.

Thank you for the support and for sharing! Quick edit: DroneDeploy is one word (I see you have “Drone Deploy”). Can’t wait to read the follow up.

Thanks I fixed the wording…

Ive just finished mapping 250Ha (617 Acres) in Equatorial Guinea and i have just been asked to do a 500Ha site in Romania for a client. Full 3D modelling using the point cloud export and contour export from DD. Ill post it on the forum once i have finished all of the modelling.

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Thanks, Peter. Looking forward to seeing the results from your project.

One more thing. I think the title says ‘acer’ instead of acre. Otherwise, looks good.

You can see the 3D model and orthomosaic here:
I wish there was a way of getting rid of the mountains in the sea.

Good write up. I enjoyed reading it.

Aside from the spelling error in the title as already pointed out you have grammatical errors towards the end of the page -

  • Make sure you have your memory card in the drone and also make sure their (should be there) is enough space for these data sets.
  • Make sure your (should be you’re) not flying over people and check the airspace your in to avoid any issues with the FAA.

I’m ready for part 2. Just need some popcorn. Great read!

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Thanks… I need a freaking editor :slight_smile:

No worries, we all do. I write for Drone360 as well and am thankful there’s an editor looking over my posts before they’re published. :slight_smile:

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Im sorry I was under the impression that this was a discussion forum.

It is a forum to discuss things, usually if you want to talk about your stuff specifically you create your own :slight_smile: its all good…

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Agreed here. Gateway’s article was about mapping using DroneDeploy so totally relevant to discuss on this forum. Thanks again for sharing. :slight_smile: