Photogrammetry Success

I thought this one turned out well. We ran half of two crosshatch missions with the Auto Flight Mode app which allows you to set the gimbal pitch. Both missions were run at 125ft AGL, one at 65degrees and the other at 75. We were able to capture the road very well even with the amount of trees overhang.

Linden Road and Bridge

This was with a P4Pv2 and 5 GCP’s and 3 checkpoints. We really don’t like running GCP’s with oblique imagery but this was just an existing precon so it wasn’t that big of a deal. Even so the checkpoints were within 0.17ft (5.2cm) so it was good enough. Once construction commences the ROW will be cleared out so I think we will get the accuracy down, especially once we fly it with the Yuneec H520E RTK.