Good from far, far from good

Hey everyone,
I love the potential that DD has, and i’ve definitely had some successful scans. The last few that I have done have been pretty sub par though. I’m at a bit of a loss as to how I can make the scans better. See attached scan here:
Quebec Road - 3D model by Below From Above (@JBI14) [533e68c] - Sketchfab .

Scan is made up of 345 images.

From a distance it looks like a great scan. It’s not til you look closely at the finer details that you see there are is a lot of warping and missed sections. I did two passes as a cross hatch, perimeter images automatically and then went around manually and shot a tonne of images in Tripod mode with the drone. I even went back around and shot everything almost at eye level, which may have actually been detrimental to the scan (can someone advise?). I was careful not to include the sky. The reason I did this was to try and get detail up under the eves of the building. That is an area I always find is lacking detail when shooting from above.

Another thing I think is causing issues is the fact I cant mask out the reflective windows in DD. This would be such a great feature.

I’d appreciate any feedback or tips how I can make this scan better. I’m thinking I will shoot the problem areas again when the weather is the same and see if that fixes it at all. I’ve also heard this can cause images too though when adding images on seperate days.

I just feel like I can’t provide this scan to a client who is paying good money, it’s just not quite good enough.

Thanks for reading.

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