Strange anomalies with Bridge Railings

Been with DD for about 2 1/2 years shooting 2D Orthos for DOTs. Suddenly having strange issues with Bridge detail-

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Same drone and flight patterns? When do you think it happened?

I have noticed that verticals and smaller details in the textured meshes have been getting cut more lately even though the points are in the cloud. It seems like we are having to fly lower to have a chance at maintaining those details. If you’re a paid customer have support look at one and reprocess it on their end.


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Thanks Michael. Have been doing these maps for 2 1/2 years without this sort of thing. They tell me that they reprocessed the files but the result was no better. Looking into getting othert Industry players to re-process for me. I know I have sufficient data to get a good result.

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Did you do any nadir capture? Feel free to PM me a download link and I can run them through some other softwares.

I did do that for the bridges. No improvement. Really frustrated with DD right now. Previous experiences have been all good, but they seem not to care about my situation.

Looking at Aerotas to process for me and then I’m thinking its time to look at Pix 4D.

Heres a reprocessed version of a another project. Pretty bad and sad that they
will take no resposibility for it.

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I have Metashape and SimActive Correlator. Two things that come to mind when I look at this image. How much brighter that part of the deck is. If it is too hot then you lose a lot of tie-points. Also it seems that the worst part is directly over the water and it is muddy so there are virtually no features to create breaklines.

I agree there is some ownership but there are probably another 100 similar structures processed every day that went just fine. We have had several projects where the imagery just didn’t work out. It looked good at a glance but then you get all excited to see the 3D model and blah…

Altitude and overlaps?

200’ and yes I shot enhanced 3D of the bridge areas to be uploaded the 2D

Seems good but it isn’t possible to find any deficiencies without seeing the data. The most common fault when using E3D is not getting the perimeter out far enough and missing edges on comebacks. E3D has an inherent flaw as well where the perimeter flight always points to the centroid of the site like an orbit where is should by facing perpendicular to the line for best results. This is why we do these types of supplementary flights with Litchi.

Hi Michael;
Can you suggest the best way to give you access to the files?
If you feel that we can get a better result, I’ll happily pay you
for your time and expertise.
Ken Vaughan

Got the link and downloading now.

Looking through the photos and culled out 63 of them that were obviously not for mapping. I assume you did that as well?

Hey Michael. Yes, that is another of the strange things happening with Drone Deploy lately. It captures stills as it returns home??

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Very strange, never seen that one. At first I thought it was panos mixed in.

At this point I don’t think it is even necessary to try to reprocess as there are only 21 images of the bridge at the stream, they barely share any common points and the obliques are too far away to be of any use besides getting underneath the deck.

Actually I am surprised it looked as good as it did especially when the exposure is like this. No fault of yours, sometimes the sun just doesn’t play nice. I mean you could do custom camera settings but I would rather post-process them in ACDSee. It doesn’t help that the water is right there with no features. I’ve gotten lucky before when the water was clear and caught some vegetation.


I would have flown the nadirs and added one like this at each structure. This is set at 100ft but obviously the closer you are comfortable with the better.

Well shoot . . . . Never had this sort of scenario I guess. You are obviously comfortable working

with a Russian Company in who you are using. Did you ever use Drone Deploy? Practically, I
noticed a side lap of 80 on your map suggestion. I guess I need to study the geometry of this
mapping thing a bit more, as the parameters are vague to me, and as such, I guess I’ve been
lucky to this point. I sure appreciate you looking at this for me. I’ve been an Architectural/Commercial
photographer for 30 years and ventured into this as a side for an engineering firm that I shoot
projects for.
Thanks again
Ken Vaughan

I chose 80% sidelap specifically for this case. A standard nadir map should be 80/65 no lower than 75 front. A crosshatch should be 70/70 or 75/75. Corridor 80/65 but adjust the width and side overlap to get the lanes right where you want them.

I’m not sure I understand the Russian comment but I think you have to wrong forum buddy. Reddit is that way >>>

…and yes I do know some very fine Russian people. Just not here.

Michael- First off, thank you for generously sharing your extensive knowledge with me on these issues. On the topic of the ‘Russian’ comment, I think you misunderstood what I was curious about. With all the crazy cyber security and Geo-political issues in the world, I would be cautious about doing business internationally (net based). The Russian people are probably a lot like we are- good and descent folks.
And I don’t know anything about Reddit?
The mapping use was from another Drone Deploy user Sergey- confused the conversations.
Thanks again!
Ken Vaughan

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