3D model of cell tower- gaps unrecognized

Just wondering if this is a processing issue with DD not recognizing the actual structure of the tower due for some reason? Or is it just limited because I have the Lite subscription? I can’t really justify upgrading my subscription unless I know that this will work. Thanks

Or it could be my flight planning also, although I took 251 RAW images at mostly 65 degrees, and some at 45 and nadir for the map.

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It’s DroneDeploy. It has gotten worse lately. It seems to be cutting out vertical on the DSM. I think it might be related to the fact that most people are doing maps so they are wanting DTMs but if you contact support I am sure they can take a look at it and reprocess it with different settings. There used to be options for terrain versus structures but I think it has gone to a happy medium. We have seen similar where the point cloud is good on things like light poles and trees. But when you look at the textured mesh they are cut out. @Andrew_Fraser @Jamespipe

Thanks for your input @MichaelL. Good to know it’s not isolated. I’m just going to fly it again with different gimbal angles and flight planning software to try to achieve better results.

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I think to get the detail you want you might want to run what you have through Reality Capture before making another trip. Never hurts to practice though.