1st Project Blues!

Hi Everyone,

We are a new start and have purchased a Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual. HAVE I MADE A MASSIVE MISTAKE? These are the settings we used;

The camera was set to Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual Thermal
I have flown 3 ops with varying results, the best being this blurry effort.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I will be honest and admit that I may have bitten off a bit more than i can chew with this new career…

Thank You!!
Paul McDonald

Hey Paul, welcome! With the 3D Crosshatch your overlaps really need to be between 70-75% and symmetrical as you have them. What was you altitude?

Unfortunately the link you posted does not work. Looks like you just copied the address bar? Instead go to the bottom-left in the project explore screen and click Share. Then click View-Only to copy the link to your clipboard.

Hi Michael, Thanks for the reply.
I shall try again,
I followed the instruction thank you, and the pasted in the message Is this correct???

I can view the project now and see what you are talking about period I think it does have something to do with the fact that you’re overlaps were too high in conjunction with the texture of the roof. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see your flight settings, but I would fly at approximately 150 ft and extend the boundary out far enough so that the subject of your capture is at the top third of the screen and is guaranteed to get at least three or four shots on each pass. If you were boundary is too close to it you will not get enough images of the outsides of the structure. @Anjanette_Hill, do you know why their posts are being flagged?

Thanks Michael, I was at 50 feet and 85% overlay. I will try another tomorrow. Are you aware of any problems specifically with our DJI Enterprise DUAL? I note in the compatible or supported drones it mentions radiometric only.

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Hi Michael, my post was blocked by the community as spam. Im new to forums im afraid.

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Okay. Your screenshot showed 95%. 85 is definitely better, but not necessary. 50 ft is too close unless you are running a PPK/RTK solution. The onboard GPS is not accurate enough to distinguish sufficiently between the photos because they are taken so close to each other.

You need to be at 100 to 150 ft and if you want to get closer detailed shots you need to do it manually so that you can sit for at least 2 seconds at each position to allow the GPS position to catch up and average in. Another option if you are trying to make a really nice 3D model is to carry the drone on the ground.

I can see your post so no worries.

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@MichaelL Let me look in to that for you!

Thank you. Odd thing is that the last couple of posts seem to have worked fine.