Lowest amount of overlap for Zenmuse X5S

Whats the lowest amount of Overlap and side-lap i can use with a Zenmuse X5S at 350ft? Looking to lower the flight time and still have successful stitch.

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I think it depends on what level of quality and accuracy you are wanting. I have flown at 300ft with 65/60 and it was fine, but the elevations were worthless. GCP’s were hard to tag with the lack of resolution and only 5-6 images, but it worked ok. All we really needed though was the map and general drainage.

I don’t know if your setup will do it, but if you are just wanting the map you might think about the crosshatch flight plan, but only running one direction of it. It captures so much more area per image that you can run 60/55 and may not need to fly as high. The catch is that grade and GCP vertical will be rough, but the horizontal location should be decent.

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I was under the impression that the altitude determines the quality of the map not the overlap. Im contracted for this particular project and their request was 350ft altitude. If 300ft-350ft is what they request then would i be ok at 65/65?

I am referring to not just the resolution quality, but also the quality of the stitching which is a big factor in the accuracy of the horizontal measurements. Overlaps of 65/65 should be just fine. 65/60 is the lowest I would go in search of max battery efficiency. Also, depending on the shape of the site and the direction of the wind spend a little time on adjusting the direction of the flight. You can find a full minute sometimes over DroneDeploy’s default optimum.

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I see. Yeah, I need a seamless stitch. Thank you Michael, this was very helpful.