Is it normal for the stitched image to have poorer resolution than the individual images?

I assume it is but on the mission I did today, there is a fairly significant difference. Just curious if there is anything I can do to make it better. Thanks

If you let us know which specific map we can take a look.

I guess I don’t know how you specify which map or link to it. I only have two missions or surveys or whatever you call them and only one has been flown and made into a map.

Ok. We can look at the one that made a map.

hi chase
i have the same problem with my orto and 3d very poor cuality and lots of glitch can u please check my 203 pictures map


Checking on it now.

I took a look at the map. I think you need to point the gimbal downwards a bit more. It should be pointing down like 45-50 degrees.

yes im sure it was bad oblique made by me,
i think we need a rules lines, and degree of camara, how to take the oblique pictures, that will be usfull to know wher exactly need to fly

We have seen 45 degrees or so work really well, but we are also interested in experimenting more to see if there is something better. We will be providing some help with the app for this in the near future.

great chase great work
i also must say thanks for improving last night my model and orto looks much better

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