Map Resolution differences

I am new to mapping. I am using the 14 day free trial of DD. I used MME to capture images with identical settings for my first two maps. Map #1 was very sharp and crisp - like the original images - even when magnified. 3D model was also amazing. Map #2 is not very sharp when magnified and the 3D looks very swirly. The original images are sharp as razor. Has anyone else had this problem and if so what is wrong? Thanks.

Can you share the links to the maps?

Here they are. Also, map will not allow me to zoom in as far.
Map 1
Map 2

Hi Michael, any thoughts on why the first map allows me to zoom in further with much better resolution. The mission settings were the same on both flights. Thanks.


Sorry bud, I can’t see either map. Just a gray screen. @Andrea? Any ideas?

Hi @flyright,

It seems that links for both maps, Map 1 and Map 2, are the same map “FR Mt. Ararat Construction”. Could you please go to the “Share” button and use the “Copy link” option to post here the link for both maps so that we can review the data?

@MichaelL thanks so much for helping @flyright troubleshooting this inquiry.


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Map 1

Map 2

Got it. So these two maps are from the same exact images? It looks to me like the second map was created with reduced images. Did you do a turbo upload on the 2nd?

Hello Michael thanks for following up on this. The two maps are from the same location, shot with the same mission settings, 1 week apart. I am aware of Turbo upload and I would not have opted for that (not intentionally anyway). I set the upload to run overnight as it would take 6-8 hours. Is there any way to verify? Should I try uploading again?


Ok, if they are two different sets of images then it looks like the focus was off. Is this from a Mavic?

That’s what I was going to say Michael. The second looks identical to mine when leaving it on automatic or carrying our progress reports.

Hello Michael, I have reviewed the images and camera settings, as uploaded to DD. Both sets of images are razor sharp and can be magnified with very little loss of resolution. The only difference I saw in the camera settings were the ISO was at 100 for map 1 and 800 for map 2. I know the higher ISO can result in a grainier image but since the camera (I shot these with my DJI Phantom 4 Pro 2.0) was on auto, it compensated with a very fast shutter speed and the uploaded images are very sharp. The 3D images on map 2 are also very swirly compared to map 1. I’m thinking the loss of resolution and ability to magnify occurred during processing at DD. Any thoughts?


I’ve suffered that too Doug. I manually tuned the ISO to 400 from 100 during a mission when the sun went in and it clouded over and everything after the change appears out of focus in the processed DD result.

Intuitively that sounds completely opposite to what should have happened from a lower to a higher ISO. How different was the ambient light between the two days?

Pretty similar, sunny. Same time of day, around 9am.

At that point I would call it an anomaly. Maybe try uploading the same photos for map to one more time?