Blurry Maps

I am having some problems with blurry maps. I flew two flights today, the first one stitched together really blurry and missing part of the stitch. It just wasn’t there. I landed the phantom 3 and changed battery and immediately sent it back up without changing a setting or anything. The second flight stitched together perfectly. No problems at all. What caused the difference? I looked at the first flight that had part of the data missing and looked at the photo log and all the pictures are uploaded but when I look at the pictures that are missing they are blank in the picture log? Any ideas?

I would upload a picture but it won’t let me.

Are the photos fine on the SD card?

Yes, I just looked again. All the pictures are in the SD card and I think the pictures look fine in the SD card. Not blurry or splotchy at all. Very nice and clear pictures.

I flew another field this morning and had a bad stitch. Part of the stitch was okay the rest is just a jumbled up mess. Pictures look fine on the SD card but the stitch was not okay. I don’t know what else to try.

Did you see the same issue with the lines through the photos in the camera roll or completely blank ones?