Poor Final Image Quality

I have now flown a dozen times and yet to come up with an actionable image. Problems I am having are as follows and I would like to know if anyone else is having the same.

I am using the Aerial Media Pros modified NDVI camera on the inspire.
I have flown at altitudes as low as 66’ and as high as 390’
The camera settings have been set to Auto, Manual and everything in between.
The images I am getting have swirls all though them.
I am also finding that when put side by side, missions flown within minutes of each other have very different color shading differences.


I’m going to have someone look at your images and resulting maps to see why this could be happening. Will get back to you soon.

I think this is being affected by the same camera settings issue that we are fixing right now that is also causing some over and under exposed maps. This was introduced last week. We saw that a few of your earlier maps seem to look nice, such as this one https://www.dronedeploy.com/app/data?planId=55d3a6712b13753ce952111a
Please let us know if you notice something wrong with the linked map. We are working on the camera setting fix and hopefully that does resolve your issue as well.

Agreed, that image looks good. I just had no others to compare it to.
Also if you look at the image right next to it, the stitching looks good
but the coloring is completely different, was not sure which was was more
accurate. Many thanks for taking the time to look these over.

I just flew a couple of mission at 290 and 79 feet and it gives me a really poor 3d quality. I have a phantom 3 pro and I am looking for some tips to improve 3d images.

Also, I was told by Ian that I would be able to get some measurements from the top roofs I am surveying. How is this possible?


I can turn on measurements for your account. One way to improve the 3D image quality, especially the vertical things like walls, is to fly around manually and take a number of 45 degree angle photos from many different directions. We are looking to automate this in the future, but if you upload those to the plan you should get an improved 3D model.


I just recently completed my first two maps. The first, yesterday evening, was severely underexposed. It was late in the day and I didn’t realize until today that the clear protective sticker was still on the Phantom camera. It also sounds as if underexposure is a known image. I would assume all of these factors played a roll in the underexposure. The second was mid day today. Exposure was much nicer, but I am noticing that the edges of houses and objects seem to be very ragged when zooming in closer on the final map. I believe all of my stills look good. Is this typical and to be expected, or am I doing something wrong? Is there anything I can do to improve this? Going to fly a slightly more interesting area tomorrow, and I am hoping for better results.

As for flying around manually and taking photos at 45 degree angles? Would that be done using the DJI app or is there a way to manually do it within DroneDeploy?

hi banky
you can use the dji go app with time lapse function put it on 5 second so you will get more overlap
and run the drone slow to get good overlap


Flew another mission today. The conditions were ideal. Processing looked good and then the moment it went to ‘complete’ the image fragmented and was missing giant sections. Any clue. This seems to happen a lot.

Do you have a link to the data page? It might be something that has been fixed recently, but I’ll need to see to be sure. Either way I’ll pass it along because if the quick stitch looked good the full stitch should turn out better.


I remember seeing that one come through, it was really nice. We’ll take a look and see if there is a bug causing this.

Loaded another one covering the same area, same issue.

Looks like this is caused by a bug. We are working on a fix.

Any luck with this issue?

We haven’t resolved this yet. The person that we need to solve this is out of the office at the moment. I’m not sure why it has happened multiple times though for your maps. I’m not sure how to fix it myself but I can try to take a look tomorrow to see if rerunning it helps at all.

Hi can you turn on measurements on my account plz y need to get some data thanks

Is measurements a feature from the Ortho Map?

You should be able to annotate your maps once you are on the data page and these will include measurements.