Redering Issue

I am new to drone deploy and couldn’t find a thread on redering warehouses under construction.
I would appreciate your feedback on the map below.

Those are tough for photogrammetry regardless of how you do it but please share what equipment you use and how you flew it so we can provide some constructive criticism.

Thanks for the response Michael.
I used a Mavic 2 Pro.
I tried 3 variations.
I did one shoot at 49metres, then another at 75meters, the one at 49meters in 3D mode.
I just used auto for the overlap.

Also post flight, is there a way to check overlap percentage and height of a shoot?

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Thanks for the detail. In order to really capture the trusses (which are really what’s messing up your map) I like your nadir at 50m but you need to drop your “3D” to about 10-15m off the roof at 75-80% front and 65 side. This is going to take a good while from what I perceive the size of the building is. Depending on the spacing of the trusses you’ll need to adjust the gimbal pitch to try as best you can to get a shot or two of each one without being obstructed by the others. If this cannot be accomplished with the Enhanced 3D default 65-degrees download the “Auto Flight modes” from the DroneDeploy app market and increase it to 70 or 75. Make sure your perimeter extends well past the limits of what you need good coverage on because it is easy to miss the space immediately after a turn since the camera is looking up.

Thanks so much Michael, I will give it a go.

Something else I just thought of is to keep the images for the two different directions of the oblique crosshatch flight separate. I have seen issues in the past when including the images that run parallel with the trusses which I can only guess may be causing too much noise. Try to upload both ways and see if one looks better than the other. One with nadir and the obliques perpendicular to the trusses and one with all the images.

I will give that a go too.

Could I also ask about this one.
Mavic Pro 2
70-100M (not sure exactly)
Standard setting

Ooof, not good. Main thing is I don’t see any nadir images. In my experience seamed roofs, especially with how fine the pattern is on this one, need those orthographic views to reconstruct well. 70m is seems pretty good because the roof is probably 10-15m high. I would have DroneDeploy look at this one because there’s no reason why that pattern should rotate 90d like that. They may be able to spot something in processing that could totally fix it before you refly. Except for the HVAC on the north end I don’t see a whole lot to 3D model so maybe just a nadir with perimeter Enhanced 3D and a separate crosshatch on the part with the HVAC at 30m above the roof? That’s basically the way I break stuff down. What is really on the site and how does each part like to be captured. I try to keep the GSD as consistent as possible but sometimes there are structures with very fine details that you need to get up on. As long as they are well isolated to that spot that don’t seem to bother the rest of the map much.