How to resolve the building distortion?

Hello, I’m relatively new to DD and still using the trial version until I determine if the quality is going to be sufficient for my clients. We’ve done about 6 3D models of various sites. We are still seeing some distortion in the final maps of the building facades & roof tops and lines. The second time we shot one of the locations we changed the overlap from 70% to 80%. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot use the Map Plan from DD as we do not have the DJI RC1B controller for the Mavic 2 Pro. We have to use the DJI Pilot PE to map our missions and there is no provision for an Enhanced 3D crosshatch flight path.



Looks pretty good but a couple of things…

  1. It looks like you flew a Mavic 2 Pro with no GCP’s and pretty low. What was your flight config?
  2. Parapets are extremely hard to get and typically require some special attention.
  3. Did you do any nadirs?