New to DD having issues getting clean 3d model

Howdy all,
I am trying to get a 3D model of my house and tried a friends house to see how best to get a 3d model of my house. I need everything front facing to be clean to do my Christmas light display setup. I need the trees and under the trees. I have tried on two houses and I have the same issue. I have tried at different altitudes. 45, 50, 80 all have the same results. It seems with trees it has lots of issues.

I have tried with 3D enhanced resolution .4

Any advice on how to best shoot houses so they are clean?

Both of these are at 45ft .4px ( other altitudes have different issues)
House 2
House 1

This was done with DJI Phanton 4v2 with ipad and standard controller. I also have Mavic 2 pro (smart controller (cry))

Thanks for any assistance,

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Welcome Jason! Those are interesting because 50-60% of the model looks pretty good and it is strange that it is the front right corner of the house on both… Short story is that it appears you didn’t get quite enough coverage from the right vantage points but there are a couple of other things that could be at play. Just a couple of focus questions.

Can you detail your mission? When did you fly? What were the actual settings you ran? I see you noted “3D enhanced” which I assume is the Enhanced 3D mode but there are allot of things inside there. You flew at 40-80 what? Meters, feet?

Sorry, the two 2D images just didn’t tell me a whole lot. One thing I did notice though was there was possibly a tree on the right side of image 2 which points to lack of coverage but there’s no way to tell without sharing the actual data. Can you post a view-only link? Or PM me with a link to download the images.

Thanks for the reply. The tall two story has 2 trees on left and 1 tree on right. It seems tl leave them off completely. I even made sure to set the area wider than the property.

I tried different times using 40-80ft with same results. I tried adding pictures taken from my phone that seemed to make it worse. Tried hand carrying the drone and taking pictures too. The pictures posted are just of the automated drone flight based on the settings drone deploy set.

I am not sure if I can tell it to take more pictures in Drone deploy. Yes, I set the Enhanced 3D mode.

Here are the two projects.


The map of the two-story is obviously worst on the side and corners where the trees are and this is just something we have to deal with in photogrammetry vs lidar. The key is to get imagery from as many different angles as possible so that you get tie-points in between the trees and the house because any gaps will cause processing to stitch from the tree to the house or negate the area completely.

One the other map the peak of the roof is missing because of how close the drone was as the roof climbs. Normally you want to get at least 6 images per pixel and preferably about 10. If you look at the 4th page of the processing report you will be able to see how coverage decreases as you go up the roof. The lawn is probably blue and the peak of the roof is probably red because all calculations were do from the point of takeoff. This is why Terrain Awareness (Following) is such a big deal for mapping large undulating areas.

The two things I would suggest are nadir images for the two-story or any subject that has allot of things in close proximity to each other. If you use oblique imagery exclusively you are not going to be able to see down in between those objects. The recommendation to close the hole in the roof on the other map is to have a second set of images where the sampling distance to the roof equals the distance to the ground of the first flight. If you flew at 40ft AGL then you need some imagery at 40ft Above the Roof Peak.

Personally I always run at least a sparse nadir mission with 60/60 overlaps in addition to the obliques from the Enhanced 3D plan. Unfortunately when you choose crosshatch it negates the nadir imagery so it requires a second flight.

I don’t know what: nadir mission is? Do I need to do a manual flight or is this an option in Drone Deploy? I didn’t see any option to select crosshatch, it selected the flight path automatically.

I tried to add images from my phone and it seems to make things worse. Is there a special way to upload pictures? Or do they need to be taken from within DD?

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If you create a plan and uncheck Enhanced 3D then it will do a standard lawnmower pattern with the camera pointing straight down which is what we call nadir.

If you are on an Enhanced 3D plan you can go into advanced settings and toggle crosshatch off. This would then run a nadir and the perimeter looking in.

I would run a standard flight and then the crosshatch with turning off the perimeter unless you just want those images. Perimeter is good for open subjects but when you have trees they don’t do allot of good.

So if I just add a mission both flights will be applied to building the 3D model?

I will give it a try today.


Yes, but upload all the images into one map at the same time. Just pick one of the available completed flights and delete the other. Just remember to pick the one that more closely matches the perimeter you are trying to model.

Ok I tried again. I even tried to use the DJI pilot PE with 5 flights. It even looks worse on the over hangs. LOL

I need the trees and front to look clear. The rest I don’t care about.

Can you PM me a link to download the original images?