Trouble processing truss bridge structure

Here is the link to my map below. Essentially my map in plan view does not look good at all. I am only concerned with the high girders and not the structure below. I beleive all the trees and structure below are throwing off the processing and causing issues with the top level of the bridge. I tried processing with just the 90 degree gimbal photos and same result the edges of the top girders are just not clean.

any ideas how i can resolve this? what happened to being able to select map vs structure proccessing?


Can you give us some detail on how you flew it? What kind of hardware you can use? I see a lot going on here and even if you had flown it perfectly I’m afraid DroneDeploy isn’t very good at meshing structures like this. I’m sure if you look at the point cloud view that it looks a lot better than the mesh. This is the kind of thing that most people would use local processing for because you have much more control. It would also be much more suited to a drone like the Skydio 2 and their 3D Scan option.

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If you send me a link to the photos, I can try processing them thru Metashape to see if it provides a better result.


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That would be amazing. Here is a link to the photos. Thanks so much

I notice there are 3 folders associated with the link you provided:

Raw images - 1
Raw images - 2
Raw images - 3

The first and last seem to be empty (nothing was downloaded).

The second, Raw images - 2, contains 30 images:

The image numbering is sequential up thru DJI_0022 and they progress along the bridge gradually.

But then starting with DJI_0026, the magnification changes and the images seem to progress too quickly along the length of the bridge. Are some of the images from the mission missing? The sequence numbers seem to indicate this.

I do not think a good 3D model can be built using these images but I will try.

EDIT: After processing the images thru Metashape I found that only the first 22 images could be aligned. These images created the following 3D model:
Top view without textures:

with textures:

More images will be needed to create a 3D model for the rest of the bridge.


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Hi Terry, thanks for this. I just checked the folders they should all have images in them now. 1155 images total between the 3 folders.

Interesting. Somehow Google Drive did not download them last time I tried. I will take another look.